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(Italiano) Spreco alimentare: a che punto siamo?

Lo spreco alimentare vale 143 miliardi di euro l’anno. Cresce la sensibilità delle istituzioni europee e italiane su rifiuti ed economia circolare, ma molto resta ancora da fare. Il punto della situazione.
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(Italiano) QUI Foundation e Assopetroli insieme contro lo spreco alimentare

QUI Foundation e Assopetroli hanno firmato un accodo per rafforzare l'impegno contro lo spreco alimentare
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QUI Foundation takes part in the Italian motorcycle Grand Prix

QUI Foundation takes part in the Italian motorcycle Grand Prix to fight food wasting
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La Francia contro gli sprechi alimentari

The fight against food waste, in France, starts from the restaurants. From this January, the restaurants that serve more than 180 meals a day are required to adopt "doggy bag", the containers that allow customers to take home what they are not able to finish, saving them from a certain destiny - the garbage.
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Together with Fao to save the food

FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) keeps us updated on everything that happens to food, from production to consumption. The results are not comforting. Simplifying: we waste too much.
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#DonationDay 2015

There are things that warm your heart and make you feel better. Surely opening the Corriere della Sera of today and reading the article by Giangiacomo Schiavi is one of those.
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A word with Giovanni Minoli

On June 11th I was invited by Giovanni Minoli to participate in the transmission Mix24 of Radio24. We talked about the issue of food waste and the law recently approved in France, which effectively inhibits, with severe penalties, the wastage of unsold food from the large retail chains.
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The global costs of food waste

I would like to propose a beautiful video, create by the FAO
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Solidarity in Milan

Every day, the bakery Romagnoli Porta Genova in Milan, donates unsold bread to the volunteers of Pasto Buono.
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