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(Italiano) Il supermercato della solidarietà

Da pochi giorni l’Emporio della Solidarietà di Cesano Boscone ha diffuso i dati sulla sua attività. In soli due anni l’Emporio ha donato più di 506 tonnellate di cibo per un valore di 1.200.681 euro, aiutando concretamente più di 2.000 persone in difficoltà.
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Do you want to help the neediest? Join Cena Sospesa

I have read about a wonderful initiative that is going viral in Milan. It is called “cena sospesa” (literally “suspended dinner”). The idea is that whenever you go for dinner at a restaurant, you can pay 10 euro towards the dinner of someone in need.
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European Commission recognizes Pasto Buono as a good practice

Pasto Buono, the program we created to fight against food wasting, has been recognized as a good practice by the European Commission. We are so proud of that. Pasto Buono was created 9 years ago by our QUI Foundation Onlus.
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04/10/16 Young and innovation # , ,

Solidarity is a unanimous project

Solidarity can take on many different forms. Design and Architecture can also become socially useful and have a beneficial impact on the lives of millions of people.
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The City of Milan awards Pasto Buono

Saturday, at the conclusion of the 5th Forum of Social Policy, Palazzo Reale (Milan) hosted a ceremony to give thanks to the realities of the Third sector who contribute, through their activities, to "the citizen welfare". The projects awarded during the event - of private, associations or companies engaged in different spheres of society - were 53. Among them there was also "our" Pasto Buono, an initiative against food wastage born in Genoa nine years ago and activated in Milan for just over a year.
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29/10/15 Young and innovation # , ,

The public welfare

Today I was in Turin for the ANCI Annual Meeting. There, I met Piero Fassino, President of the National Association of Italian municipalities and the mayor of the city mayor.
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#DonationDay 2015

There are things that warm your heart and make you feel better. Surely opening the Corriere della Sera of today and reading the article by Giangiacomo Schiavi is one of those.
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The children of Action Aid

In January 2010, while in Italy we were still in the holiday season, a massive earthquake has killed millions of people in Haiti. The images constantly transmitted by the news in those days made me think that it was time to take up the project of long-distance adoptions, started with QUI Foundation. Today the children supported by QUI Foundation are 47. Among them, 10 live in Haiti.
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Solidarity in Milan

Every day, the bakery Romagnoli Porta Genova in Milan, donates unsold bread to the volunteers of Pasto Buono.
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Tirrenia and Cremonini: two good example of combating food waste in Italy

For many years I have been taking personally the cause of donating unsold food to the needy. Working closely with the world of businesses and being owner of some restaurants my self, I very well know the amount of food waste and I have always seen the activity of throwing away food as immoral.
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