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(Italiano) Spreco alimentare: a che punto siamo?

Lo spreco alimentare vale 143 miliardi di euro l’anno. Cresce la sensibilità delle istituzioni europee e italiane su rifiuti ed economia circolare, ma molto resta ancora da fare. Il punto della situazione.
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12/01/17 Food waste # ,

European Commission recognizes Pasto Buono as a good practice

Pasto Buono, the program we created to fight against food wasting, has been recognized as a good practice by the European Commission. We are so proud of that. Pasto Buono was created 9 years ago by our QUI Foundation Onlus.
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The City of Milan awards Pasto Buono

Saturday, at the conclusion of the 5th Forum of Social Policy, Palazzo Reale (Milan) hosted a ceremony to give thanks to the realities of the Third sector who contribute, through their activities, to "the citizen welfare". The projects awarded during the event - of private, associations or companies engaged in different spheres of society - were 53. Among them there was also "our" Pasto Buono, an initiative against food wastage born in Genoa nine years ago and activated in Milan for just over a year.
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