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(Italiano) Alternanza scuola-lavoro: un ponte tra scuola e impresa

I progetti di alternanza scuola-lavoro si stanno diffondendo sempre di più in Italia. Nel 2016, ha fatto alternanza l’87,4% delle scuole contro il 42% del 2015.
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15/03/17 Young and innovation # ,

Italy boosts the growth of self-employment

Italy Education Department (MIUR) will invest 800 million in secondary school to boost the growth of self-employment and promote social innovation. I am positive about this program, which represents a turning point for Italian school system.
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24/09/15 Young and innovation # , ,

Being creative, not only inside the company

This week I received a news that made me very proud: a guy who works with us has published his first novel
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Forum Ambrosetti, job and welfare

I was pleased to be able to talk, even during the Ambrosetti Forum in Cernobbio, about the theme of corporate welfare.
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30/06/15 Young and innovation # , , ,

The solution to the Crisis: I believe in the young generations

I really believe in young people and I hope the general environment will not dishearten them. I believe that they are the key to economic recovery. And to prove it, they must focus on their enthusiasm, their sensitivity to the technology and their ideas
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28/06/15 Young and innovation # , ,

Supporting the research to innovate

Within the last few years, I have been closely interested in two projects, I'd like to talk to you about. The first project is the one started by the University of Salerno in 2012
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