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The solution to the Crisis: I believe in the young generations

I really believe in young people and I hope the general environment will not dishearten them. I believe that they are the key to economic recovery. And to prove it, they must focus on their enthusiasm, their sensitivity to the technology and their ideas
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29/06/15 Food waste # , ,

Tirrenia and Cremonini: two good example of combating food waste in Italy

For many years I have been taking personally the cause of donating unsold food to the needy. Working closely with the world of businesses and being owner of some restaurants my self, I very well know the amount of food waste and I have always seen the activity of throwing away food as immoral.
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28/06/15 Food waste # , ,

The birth of Pasto Buono

I could not say exactly when and where the idea to create Pasto Buono ( Good Meal ) was born, but I remember exactly where did I take the inspiration from. It is an episode that I would never forget.
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28/06/15 Young and innovation # , ,

Supporting the research to innovate

Within the last few years, I have been closely interested in two projects, I'd like to talk to you about. The first project is the one started by the University of Salerno in 2012
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27/06/15 Food waste

Insects to reducing #food #waste

Insects to reducing #spreco #alimentare, The idea of an Italian Start-up

— Gregorio Fogliani (@GregFogliani) 27 Giugno 2015 " >
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18/06/15 Food waste # , , ,

Tristram Stuart explains Food waste

I have been following the activities of Tristram Stuart for many years now.
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03/06/15 family and work

Nigel Marsh and the Work-Life Balance

When, after spending some time with our sons, we hear things like ' Daddy, this has been the best day of my life, ever ', it means we reached a good point in balancing work and life, according to Nigel Marsh.
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A change that improves the Economy: the new electronic launch voucher

On the 1st of July the amendment included in the Stability Law will come into force. It will introduce a revolution in the food coupon industry by increasing the tax-free threshold for electronic meal voucher from 5,29 euro per day to 7 Euros.
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