10/03/16 Young and innovation # ,

Smart working: why needing an office?

Today, working from home or any other place reached by an internet connection has become reality. It is called smart working. A law that will regulate it is coming soon and it will surely permit its development.
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25/02/16 Food waste # , ,

Supermercati, nuovi alleati contro gli sprechi?

The good news in the fight against food wasting comes once again from abroad, this time from Denmark.
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04/02/16 Food waste # , ,

Oggi la Francia diventa un esempio per tutta l’Europa

Today France has become an example for all of Europe in terms of environmental policies. It is official: there is a law against food wasting.
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03/02/16 Food waste # ,

La buona notizia si fa in tre

Last Friday, the "good news" found a space all together in the program "Tutto il bello che c’è", of TG2 together with Corriere Sociale, where I was invited along with other guests to talk about solidarity.
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27/01/16 Young and innovation # ,

A Scuola della Buona Impresa con i giovani dell’Elis College

I call them ‘the lovers’. They are those who put passion and dedication in their daily actions, with the aim to make happy those they love (the partner, family, friends; but also, for example, their own community, customers, business partners). In order to be influential, love and passion have to be contagious.
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12/01/16 Food waste # , ,

La Francia contro gli sprechi alimentari

The fight against food waste, in France, starts from the restaurants. From this January, the restaurants that serve more than 180 meals a day are required to adopt "doggy bag", the containers that allow customers to take home what they are not able to finish, saving them from a certain destiny - the garbage.
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04/01/16 Young and innovation # , ,

Education and Innovation

Pil #Italia su del 23,8% in 50anni.Investendo in istruzione e innovazione possiamo farcela @massimo_russo @la_stampa

— Gregorio Fogliani (@GregFogliani) 3 Gennaio 2016 " >
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18/12/15 Young and innovation # , ,

Reflecting on the Stability Law

I took interest in the process of the Stability Law because it contains important changes for two sectors that I follow closely: that of corporate welfare and that of electronic payments.
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11/12/15 Young and innovation # , ,

Micropayments with card, an opportunity to increase Italy digitally

Paying coffee with credit card? It may be possible in a not too far future. In these days, it is in fact being discussed the possibility of making the acceptance of using card also for micropayments. The benefits would be many, first of all a boost of consumption.
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26/11/15 Young and innovation #

The Bonus for culture: a big opportunity

Government is discussing in these days the possibility of introducing a bonus for culture for who is turning 18. This voucher could encourage purchases of books, newspapers, tickets for concerts, shows or museum. I think it is an idea with great potential.
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