28/06/16 Food waste # ,

Food waste campaign: Huffington Post and the Global Waste Campaign

Let me share with you the campaign against food waste by Huffington Post, entitled "RECLAIM".  It has a strong dual meaning: reclaiming citizen's power in having a positive impact on the society - even from an environmental perspective - and reawakening our love for the food.
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16/06/16 Food waste # ,

A zero wasting policy can save the environment as well

Today wasting costs to the atmosphere 500 million tons of CO2. According to a research conducted by the Postdam Institute in 2050 the production of food intended to be wasted (i.e. the one in surplus) will result in up to 2.5 billion tons of greenhouse gases.
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26/05/16 Young and innovation # , ,

Crisis as opportunity

Why Brazil? Many asked me when they heard that my Group is expanding its business in the South American country overwhelmed by what has been called "the perfect storm".
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26/04/16 Young and innovation # , ,

In universities the best ideas become business

I note with great interest the transformation that is taking place in the Italian universities. They are becoming, to the delight of us entrepreneurs, more open realities available for the creation of a university-enterprises bridge.
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21/04/16 family and work # ,

The Corporate welfare today

Last 14th of April, in Rome, I attended the "The corporate welfare between contract and market" and with pleasure I noticed how far the discussion about corporate welfare in Italy went.
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15/04/16 Food waste # , ,

The City of Milan awards Pasto Buono

Saturday, at the conclusion of the 5th Forum of Social Policy, Palazzo Reale (Milan) hosted a ceremony to give thanks to the realities of the Third sector who contribute, through their activities, to "the citizen welfare". The projects awarded during the event - of private, associations or companies engaged in different spheres of society - were 53. Among them there was also "our" Pasto Buono, an initiative against food wastage born in Genoa nine years ago and activated in Milan for just over a year.
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05/04/16 Young and innovation # ,

#NoCashDay: 24 hours without ready cash

Twenty-four hours without cash to encourage the use of digital currency in all the different modes, card and mobile payment. This is the sense of the #NoCashDay initiative, now in its sixth edition. The initiative's slogan is "Do not forget: forget cash" that wants to highlight the positive aspects related to the electronic payment systems, which can encourage the development of a financial inclusion policy across Europe.
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01/04/16 family and work # ,

Employees’ bonus for culture

For Easter the entrepreneur Brunello Cucinelli launched a wonderful initiative: he announced to his employees that the company would reimburse them all cultural activities expenses of the year. A culture bonus for any activities they prefer: books, theater, cinema or museums.
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30/03/16 family and work # ,

A manifesto for the future of Italy

Some time ago I attended a very interesting event, the first Summit of Italians Numbers One, organized by Capital, a magazine that, in these last 35 years, described the business world. The summit was held at the Hangar Bicocca Pirelli and it was attended by many entrepreneurs who, with their activities, qualify the Made in Italy and support Italy's prestige over the world.
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21/03/16 Young and innovation # ,

Italians do it better

The success rate was between 5% and 8%, but we made it: the NEWTON project for the digitization of school and learning obtained the European funding of the Horizon 2020 program and is ready to go. My company and one of the start-ups that we are supporting are the only Italian to participate in the working group, that involves six excellent universities, from the UK to Eastern Europe, and some partner companies from throughout the European Community.
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