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February 24, 2017 at 10:29 am

Do you want to help the neediest? Join Cena Sospesa

Do you want to help the neediest? Join Cena Sospesa

I have read about a wonderful initiative that is going viral in Milan. It is called “cena sospesa” (literally “suspended dinner”). The idea is that whenever you go for dinner at a restaurant, you can pay 10 euro towards the dinner of someone in need.

This initiative has been promoted by Caritas Ambrosiana. I have already told you about Don Massimo Mapelli, who is a good friend of our QUI Foundation and an important partner in the realization of Pasto Buono in Milan (together with FIPE, ConfCommercio and Epam). To make “cena sospesa” possible, Caritas Ambrosiana created a network of restaurants by signing partnerships with the owners. The customers who want to join “cena sospesa” can pay 10 euro more for the dinner. This sum will be converted in meal vouchers that will be given to the indigents of the churches.

Unfortunately, the number of people in strained circumstances is growing more and more. This is the reason why we should make our best to spread this story. Offering a dinner can seem a worthless thing to many, but it really makes the difference for the most.

Gregorio Fogliani

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