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March 15, 2017 at 2:48 pm

Italy boosts the growth of self-employment

Italy boosts the growth of self-employment

Italy Education Department (MIUR) will invest 800 million in secondary school to boost the growth of self-employment and promote social innovation. I am positive about this program, which represents a turning point for Italian school system. The plan will encourage the collaboration between companies and schools. First, the students will learn the basics of making business and then they will set up a company. In doing so, the students will learn how to turn a creative idea into a real business.

I think that MIUR’s project can give a boost to self-employment. I have always encouraged the alliance between schools and businesses (like Alternanza Scuola Lavoro Program). Building a company from scratch is not as easy as it may seems. This is why the students should take this plan as an opportunity. Our country has a natural attitude for affairs and the young people are a factor of growth for the economy. The report published by Eurydice shows that 29,9% of Italians aged 20-29 already have their own company, a number that overcomes the ones of other European countries. I hope that this program will stimulate further the young people to set up innovative companies.

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