September 1, 2016 at 10:50 am

Objective: halving food waste

Objective: halving food waste

The draft law against food waste has finally become law. The news came on August the 2nd, in the late evening. It was from March that we were expecting this moment, that is from when the Camera had given its first ok to the law text. And now we begin the countdown to the entry into force, scheduled for September 14th.


With this law Italy has shown to respect the commitments made during the Expo, to grasp the positive legacy of the event and, above all, to be able to keep up with the most virtuous European countries.


But that’s not all: I am very pleased with the fact that “our” law is not based on a punitive system that fine violators, but instead it has a positive structure, that is giving incentives to encourage donations. For years I have been fighting for a law which can simplify bureaucracy and bring the most hesitant to join the solidarity of the gift networks. And for years I argued that the way is to “reward” because it makes possible to recognize the merits of the locals who do charity and are environmentally conscious.


I am sure that we will begin to notice the positive effects of the new law already in the coming months. The goal we have set is ambitious: to halve food waste in a few years.


A good analysis on the advantages of a law against waste is the one of Fernanda Roggero on her blog of the Sole 24 Ore (Food24). You can read it here/qui.

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