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June 28, 2016 at 3:47 pm

Food waste campaign: Huffington Post and the Global Waste Campaign

Food waste campaign: Huffington Post and the Global Waste Campaign

Let me share with you the campaign against food waste by Huffington Post, entitled “RECLAIM”.  It has a strong dual meaning: reclaiming citizen’s power in having a positive impact on the society – even from an environmental perspective – and reawakening our love for the food.

The initiative aims at disclosing the impact of food waste on the global environmental and the socio-political context. Indeed, in the post written by the Executive Director, Jo Cofino, in the post dedicate to the campaign, remembers that

The food we waste also risks exacerbating political tensions across the world. In fact, the World Economic Forum has warned that food shortages represent one of the biggest risks to global stability over the next decade as countries are increasingly affected by climate change.

For quite some time now, through the work of our Onlus, QUI Foundation, we have been trying to raise awareness. Thanks to a campaign set up with the help of Il Corriere Sociale, I am emphasising good practices and initiatives to fight food waste.

In addition, we try to combat the phenomenon of wastage with our main project, Pasto Buono, active since 2007, which allowed the recovery of more than 800 thousand unsold healthy meals by Bar, restaurants, self services, canteens and other food courts, and donate them to people in need.

These are important results, achieved thanks to excellent partners such as non-profit associations and volunteers on the territories where the project is active (Genoa, Rome, Milan, Naples, Florence, Cagliari, Civitavecchia, Mantova, Porto Torres), or thanks to the City Angels, that in Milan are constantly helping us with the recovery and donations, or .csv of Naples, to mention only a few! The non-profit Miriade, from Sardinia, has just joined the team by helping with the withdrawals of food in the region.

We would like to continue Pasto Buono in the future, because we are confident that it is possible to actually do something against food waste. And, as mentioned by the same Jo Cofino – is unthinkable that today “more than 800 million people go to bed every night prey to hunger pangs “.

The campaign:  campagna

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