April 1, 2016 at 5:33 pm

Employees’ bonus for culture

Employees’ bonus for culture

For Easter the entrepreneur Brunello Cucinelli launched a wonderful initiative: he announced to his employees that the company would reimburse them all cultural activities expenses of the year. A culture bonus for any activities they prefer: books, theater, cinema or museums.

The idea is great for two reasons: firstly because it encourages people to go on the discovery of our artistic, literary and archaeological heritage; one that we often disregard.

Second, Cucinelli gives an important message to the business world. We entrepreneurs can influence the welfare of the people – I always repeat: I am a big supporter of corporate welfare. And doing welfare also means understanding needs and offering opportunities to grow also on a personal level.

About bonus for culture I have already spoken some time ago (here), when we started to talk about vouchers for young people when they reach 18 years old. The bonus for culture is an idea that the company had developed years ago, creating the QUI! Culture, a coupon that gives access to a wide network of museums and historic sites, which – I am proud to say – has encouraged many workers to devote more time to culture.

Gregorio Fogliani

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