May 26, 2016 at 9:36 am

Crisis as opportunity

Crisis as opportunity

Why Brazil? Many asked me when they heard that my Group is expanding its business in the South American country overwhelmed by what has been called “the perfect storm”.

This is also the question that emerged in a chat with Enrico Verga, a journalist who edits the blog Econopoly of the Sole 24 Ore magazine, from where a fine article came out which perfectly frames the Brazilian situation and the arising opportunities for investors.

In order to answer to this question I want to start with an idea in which I firmly believe: it is from crisis that the best opportunities arise. In this way the story of my company began (one day I asked myself: why instead of accepting food stamps we don’t begin to release them?), and that is how we are getting to work in Brazil.

It is a country in crisis, which need a greater efficiency and transparency in the public sector and for the allocation of subsidies. We are therefore going to propose our “services packet”, already tested in Italy,that could also work for the carioca country.

Here (Qui), in summary, the article on Brazil.

Gregorio Fogliani

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