gregorio fogliani

Gregorio Fogliani was born in 1957. He was still very young when he moved to Genoa with his family. In the 70s he starts his entrepreneurial path in the restaurant industry. A few years later, together with a group of Genoese partners, Gregorio launches a service company and in 1989 he creates QUI! Ticket Services, which worked with corporate canteens and which will later become QUI! Group.

In the early 90’s the business grows: Fogliani invests in innovation, research and development. Hand in hand with the company’s turnover, improves also his entrepreneurial role: director of the Chamber of Commerce, member of the Unioncamere board, president of QN Financial Services (a company operating in the prepaid card industry QUI! Financial Servicestoday) and promoter of the charity foundation QUI Foundation.

In 2004 the large-scale spread of the new electronic service good meal. In 2007 he launched the initiative Pasto Buono, a charity project that enables to distribute healthy and unsold food to the needy in different Italian cities. This is followed by the creation of Paybay, the software company of the Group, and Welfare Company, which specializes in the issue of vouchers for social and corporate welfare. Capital, in the special edition Number 1 of Italy, called it “enlightened entrepreneur because it is one of the promoters of the Second Welfare, service to the employee system whose precursors were Olivetti and Pirelli.

Genovese of adoption, he is also an expert of cuisine and pastry. Gregorio runs elegant city locations, such as the palace of Bruzzo Castle and the resort Villa San Filippo, located in the beautiful hills of Chianti.

He firmly believes in the values ​​of legality and transparency. Hence, QUI! Group (which in 2014 achieved sales of 610 million) was one of the first to get the Legality Rating Antitrust. The Rating certifies, to the highest standards, that the company operates on the market with integrity.

He gives great importance to family values and he never works when he spends time with the family. Among its nearly one thousand employees, the shares rose skim 80%, a proportion never changed: he says his first company consisted of ten women and two men.

The focus on social responsibility and ethics, the commitment to the environment and legality, combined with the steady growth of his business, encouraged him to receive several awards over the years. Among them, stands out the prize Guido Carli, dedicated to the figure of the ex-governor of the Bank of Italy, to emphasize the excellence of high finance, the economy and Italian entrepreneurs. In May 2013, the president of the jury, Gianni Letta, presented him with the prestigious award during the ceremony at the Palazzo Montecitorio, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior.